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Friday, November 28 2014 @ 07:02 PM UTC

CoD: Black Ops Playstation 3 - PATCH 1.05 !

Call of Duty Console

TODAY Treyarch released a NEW patch for the Playstation 3 CoD 7 - Black Ops game !

TODAY Treyarch released a NEW patch for the Playstation 3 CoD 7 - Black Ops game !

NEW FIXES 12/22 (full patch 1.05) :

• Improved party reliability when leaving with party – an additional step in an ongoing series of party improvements continued in the next patch
• Improved UPnP functionality – further expands the game’s capability to open NATs on routers with universal plug and play enabled
• Enabled mute functionality in Playercards in the pre-game lobby
• Enabled kick functionality in party and private match lobbies
• Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would not always display properly when multiple players leave the lobby after a team split
• Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would appear stuck on the countdown timer while waiting to balance teams


• Addressing a freeze that would occur in rare situations involving a combination of high player counts and many killstreaks / explosions occurring simultaneously in a concentrated area
• Further improvements to party reliability to address an issue where mixed NAT types connecting and disconnecting can cause players to drop in some situations
• Investigating “infinite loading screen” issue reported by some users

Let's hope today's patch fixes problems created by the previous patch.....

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