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Friday, December 19 2014 @ 12:29 AM UTC

CoD: World at War - Change profile name and keep your rank !

Call of Duty World at War

First off all make sure that you have enabled "show hidden files/folders".

Now, start up CoDMP and make your new profile name, keep your old one!

Now turn off CoDMP and start up explorer (also works in Internet explorer), write in the address bar %USERPROFILE%

Now head to

Local Settings Application Data Activision CoDWaW players

NOTE: If that folder does not exists, try to find a folder instead of local settings, local settings in your windows language (lokala inställningar in Swedish for example).

AppData Local Activision CoDWaW players

NOTE: Just with XP "local" -> might <- be in your windows language. (Unconfirmed)

Here you should see all your profiles, go into the old profile name folder, mark all files and press ctrl + c.

Go into your new profile name, paste all by prsesing ctrl + v.

Over and out, also recommanded to change "active.txt" to your new profile (to change the profile that gets loaded when starting up CoD:WaW)

You should be done now!

Start up MP and you will have the same rank on both profiles, same challanges and same classes.

* Little note, you won't keep your friends list *

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