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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 10:57 AM BST

When can you expect your Modern Warfare 3 DLC ??

CoD Modern Warfare 3

There’s been a lot of confusion about the release dates for Modern Warfare 3’s DLC and we show you why.

Even though Activision’s intentions are perfectly clear – the publisher plans to drop 20 pieces of DLC between now and September – its Call of Duty Elite service (divided in free/premium members) and the timed-exclusive deal with Microsoft makes the entire scenario far more confusing than it really should be.

The Modern Warfare 3 DLC Release Timeline :

Below is the expected release schedule for the first wave of the Modern Warfare 3 DLC :

January 24th : The FIRST DLC,  two maps – Liberation and Piazza, will become available to Xbox 360 Premium Elite members at no additional cost.

February 24th :SECOND DLC released to Xbox 360 Premium Elite members. The new map OVERWATCH

February 28th :  The FIRST DLC will be released to PS3 Premium Elite members at no additional cost.


March 20th (Before PS3 Premium !) : The 1st Content Collection Mappack (Elite 1, 2 & 3) will be available to everyone on Xbox Live. Price still unknown.

March 29th : SECOND DLC  for PS3 Premium Elite members


So it will be MAY 2012 when the first Content Collection Mappack finally gets released for PS3 & PC !

(and we were right : May 8th : Release First Content Collection for MW3 PC !  )


The above pattern will repeat itself, with every month new content first available to Xbox Premium Elite members till September 2012. 



March 3rd DLC =  MP Map BLACK BOX and Special Ops missions BLACK ICE & NEGOTIATOR.

April 4th DLC = 2 MW3 MP Mapsnd Foundation