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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:13 AM BST

CoD Download - World at War Map: Zombie 420

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

Call of Duty: World at War map - Zombie 420 by [ZCT] xCHAOSx

CoD Download - World at War Map: Zombie 420

Map Name: nazi_zombie_420
Map Version: 1.0
Map Author: [ZCT] xCHAOSx
Gametypes Supported: Cooperative, Single Player
Screenshots: [ZCT] xCHAOSx
Install: See Readme

Download Zombie 420 Laboratory

How to install Zombie maps

Elite Forces
Squad # 2,156
Government Department: Classified

Attn: Elite Squad Soldier

You are Squad 2,156. If you are as sharp as I feel you are, you have figured out that 2,155
squads before you have been unsuccessful.

On April 20, 2010 at 16:20 hours you will board a heavily fortified rail car at these coordinates:

39°44'21?N 104°59'5?W

You will set your GPS location device to alert you when you arrive at this point:

39°44'21?N 104°59'5?W

At which time you will remove the pistol below your seat and exterminate the conductor. This may seem cruel but the things you will encounter in this lab, the conductor simply does not have the skills to defend against. Most importantly may hinder your ability to complete your mission.

You do not have enough security clearance for me to go into detail about the history of this lab. I do however feel you are entitled to know you will encounter beings you only once believed to be fiction.

The United States government has listed this mission at the highest of priorities.

Your mission is to destroy this lab at all costs.

According to the blue prints we have on this building, the weak spot seems to be the main power core. You will find c4 and a detonator somewhere in the lab. Once you have collected these parts you are to plant them on the core and run like hell to the emergency escape route.

Good Luck and Stay Alive,

General Chaos.


Many triggers are hidden and must be shot at or jumped to. Keep your eye out for targets or any kind of clues. These triggers will provide much needed weaponry or new paths and rooms.

**New Features**

-Timed Gameplay

There is no rounds only a timer. The zombies will start and never stop till you win or die.

The health, speed, and amount of zombies increase over time and some aspects are affected by number of players.

When a player dies they will get a timer on their screen with how long they have till they can re spawn.

The longer you played the longer this time is likely to be, but does have a limit of 3 minutes.

When you win or lose it will display how long you lasted or took to win.


This is the objective of the map ( way to win ). you have to find the 2 parts needed to plant the bomb which are randomly located around the map each game.

The parts will be on the floor giving off a small glow( as seen below ).

CoD WaW Map: Zombie 420-1.jpg

Upon spawn you will see a HUD on your screen. This shows you what bomb parts you have collected.

Name:  2.jpg Views: 943 Size:  12.6 KB

Once you have both parts you will hear a sound saying "we got the bomb" ( you may not hear if have the music on loud).
Then you need to make your way down to the basement and plant the bomb.

CoD Download - World at War Map: Zombie 420

Once the bomb has been planted you will have 2 minutes to get to the exit room
which is located at the start of the map.

CoD WaW Map: Zombie 420-4.jpg

Once all players that are alive or in last stand are in the room you will win ( providing the bomb hasn't blown up yet ).

- Ranking

There are 10 ranks available in this map you will go up 1 rank when you win the game. 

Depending on what rank you are you will get a perk on spawn even 2 if your a high rank. 

If there is a high rank person present you will get AI at the start helping you.


CoD WaW Map: Zombie 420-5.jpg


This machine can give you a number of rewards and punishments, its all a gamble. 

The reward consist of perks, powerups, betties, bowie knife, weapons and cash. 

Punishments range from disabling a random box, stealing ammo, replacing your weapon with a colt and stealing cash.