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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:03 AM BST

Next Game hype will be from Respawn Entertainment

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by Claire Claws

Abbie Heppe - Ex-G4TV Abbie Heppe will be the Respawn Community Manager.

With their new San Fernando Valley, well equipped, offices and very informative website online; Respawn Entertainment seems to be ready to go after something which they strongly believe is theirs; proofing to be the real geniuses behind the multi-million dollar blockbuster Call of Duty. The only way they can do this is by creating a new video-game and show.

Respawn is developing a multi-platform game and has a publishing deal with Activision's rival Electronic Arts Inc

Respawn Entertainment

With a big team of game designers, artists and software engineers who already created Call of Duty, plus hiring the best developer talents; Respawn Entertainment is convinced it has all what it takes to create the next hype. 

Respawn’s Art Director will be Matt Codd (Saving Private Ryan, Cowboys and Aliens) and already there has been an audio recording session on the Piru Rifle Range. So far, this is ALL we know about Respawn Entertainment's debut title....