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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 06:46 AM BST

Reset your Modern Warfare 2 rank after being hacked

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Hacked servers are ruining the Modern Warfare 2 Multi Player game by un-locking all ranks.

Reset your MW2 rank by deleting Steam’s Local Player Stats.

The following four files must be deleted in order to reset the user’s rank to zero (rank level 1) in the Steam Cloud :

|Steam|SteamApps|common|call of duty modern warfare 2|players|  two .stat files
|Steam|userdata|(some numbered folder)|(some numbered folder)|remote|  two files


You need to remove the "remote" files to keep your rank zero. ( Otherwise Steam gives you the hacked rank back after one game.)


If you have windows 7 or vista try first :

Go to your Steam folder>userdada>(RANDOM NUMBER)>10190 RIGHT CLICK THE 10190 folder and click restore previous version.

Go to your Modern Warfare 2 folder and do the same with the PLAYERS folder.


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