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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 06:47 AM BST

Public Beta alterIWnet - an other way to play MP Modern Warfare 2 ?

CoD Modern Warfare 2

by Vrandas

It is not because MapModNews suddenly started with promoting Game Piracy.... but any CoD Community Initiative to make a "better" Multiplayer experience for Modern Warfare 2, other than the way Activision/Infinity Ward/Steam presented it to the players so far, we support.

This alterIWnet is a IWnet emulate system (now BETA) and console active... so you can kick noob and ban cheaters and change maps. The "No VAC" is a downside but then again Multi Player MW2 as it is now, is full of cheaters and hackers so no dramatic change there....

From the alterIWnet creator´s website.

Edited - Removed Piracy Content.


The Open Beta test is finally here.  This is a short guide on how to play on our server.

Please note that the client is not fully ready. You will not have access to registration or Friends list management at this time.


Links are below the instructions.

If you have the latest version from Steam (1.1.195):

1. Get “MW2Client-from-New.rar
2. Extract MW2Client-from-New.rar in the root folder
3. Run “alterIWnet_configure.exe” and set your nickname accordingly
4. Start iw4mp.exe and play!


We´ll keep an eye on future alterIWnet developments and report back here.