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Sunday, August 20 2017 @ 05:03 AM BST

CoD4 - Release Promod LIVE 2.11

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Promod LIVE 2.11

Yes, that’s right, Promod LIVE 2.11 EU and NE is finally here!

The road have been long, and after tons of feedback and equally (if not more) hard work the PROMOD team now finally delivers a full release of Promod LIVE 2.11.

Except a list of fixes and tweaks they have reworked and added a few functions in Promod. You can for example see improved Promod modes with a added kniferound function and a opportunity to mix them to your needs. The ability to killspec have also been integrated, together with fruther improved Strat and Shoutcaster functions.  All info is in read more


  • Soften smoke edges (also known as r_zfeather) is back to being forced off
  • Dead chat is no longer automatically handled in public-modes
  • Promod will properly force player to reconnect to the server if “vid_restart” was called
  • The “You killed…” text’s Y-position can be modified in devmap for movie-makers (see below)
  • Removed player head-icons from Marines and SAS (stock bug, as opposing teams don’t have head-icons)
  • Fixed planted/defused/destroyed announcer sounds
  • Promod header will inform about the usage of knife round feature
  • Specular effect on car-glasses made transparent
  • Better overall handling of player status icons
  • The bomb-briefcase is no longer visible in timeout or knife-round
  • Ability to cancel timeouts by the caller (by calling another timeout)
  • Ready-up hud will always display own status (important for shoutcasters)
  • Shoutcaster will automatically follow another player when current player dies
  • Shoutcasters have ability to spectate another shoutcaster when that shoutcaster is using follow-player-binds
  • Full map restart is called when server admin changes game type and issues a fast restart
  • Fixed a bug where a player could sprint longer after planting/defusing
  • Ragdolls removed because of random behaviour
  • Added an option for custom map developers to specify default sunlight (level.sunlight) in map script to correctly set with Promod “stock” sunlight option
  • Strattime and knife round in public-modes are now working properly
  • Scorebot improvements and fixes, see FAQ for comprehensive documentation
  • Different game menu adjustments
  • Dvar-monitor will now display both the old and the new value when change is detected
  • Before a match starts, a list of dvar changes during ready-up mode is displayed
  • Some additions to strictly forced server settings
  • Fixed several issues with bomb-drop
  • Added training-dummy feature for strat mode, which will only work on listen/local servers with PunkBuster turned off
  • Added a record-menu which will popup once a player is ready, this menu can optionally be disabled in the quickmessage menu: B-4-5
  • Added a sound notification to the last player to ready-up


Q: What about the hardcore, and support for all gametypes, how do I use them?
A: For a complete list of “promod_modes”, see below.

Q: Can the rulesets be customized to fit my needs?
A: Promod has always been about an unified ruleset. Therefore they only thing you can change in the regular match-modes is mr-rating (SD and SAB only).

Q: I want to run my own custom promod-server with skins etc, how?
A: In order to run your own custom promod-server you’ll need to change the fs_game to anything besides “mods/promodlive210″ as well as not using match-modes. You will now be able to modify the Promod IWDs and add additional iwd-files.

Q: Can I use this mod as a movie mod?
A: Yes, you can! Commands (which are important for movie-making) are only forced on the clients once connected (with one exception, see below). Demos needs to be loaded using devmap before starting a demo (“devmap mp_crash;disconnect”). If you only having black screen, change “r_contrast” to “1″ as well as “r_brightness” to “0″.

Q: How do I get the scorebot running?
A: See below how to enable scorebot.

Q: What’s the difference between the EU and NE version of Promod?
A: The NE version of Promod has rate and cl_maxpackets settings unlocked and radar does not display enemy indicators while shooting. NE stands for Non-Europe, and replaces the NA and AU releases.

Q: How do I get the training-dummy to work?
A: First put up a local home-hosted server without PB (start game, launch Promod 2.11 from the mods-menu and load a map with the console or menu). The default button for spawning a bot is the “N” button (bind X “+actionslot 1″).

Q: Class related binds, how do they work?
A: See below for a list of commands.

Q: My question is not answered here.
A: Easiest way to contact us is via mail or join #codpromod @ QuakeNet.


The promod_mode dvar follows a specific syntax. However the game accepts the bits between underscores (_) in any order.

match: standard match mode, conflicts with knockout mode. Round limit = mr#*2
knockout: knockout match mode, conflicts with standard match mode. Score limit = mr#+1
mr#: maxrounds – see above for use. Default is 10. Works only in Search & Destroy and Sabotage.
lan: lan mode – g_antilag 0, punkbuster messages turned off. Conflicts with pb mode.
hc: hardcore mode (disables some HUD elements and reduces health level to 30).
knife: knife round – adds a knife round and an extra ready-up mode to Search & Destroy matches.
1v1/2v2: used for 1v1 and 2v2 matches, disables Demolitions and Sniper classes.
pb: disables punkbuster warnings for online modes. Conflicts with lan mode.

For example “promod_mode match_mr10_knife_pb” will enable knife round and disable punkbuster warnings in standard maxrounds 10 mode.

There are also some other modes:



To enable scorebot, add this line to your server-config:

seta promod_enable_scorebot “1″


All these dvars are forced by Promod (automatically), make sure they stay untouched/within range to avoid being punished!

dynent_active 0
rate 25000
cg_nopredict 0
sm_enable 0
r_dlightLimit 0
r_lodscalerigid 1
r_lodscaleskinned 1
r_filmtweakInvert 0
r_zfeather 0
cg_viewzsmoothingmin 1
cg_viewzsmoothingmax 16
cg_viewzsmoothingtime 0.1
cg_huddamageiconheight 64
cg_huddamageiconwidth 128
cg_huddamageiconinscope 0
cg_huddamageiconoffset 128
cg_huddamageicontime 2000
developer 0
phys_gravity -800

com_maxfps 40 – 250
cl_maxpackets 60 – 100
compassplayerwidth EQUAL TO compassplayerheight
compassfriendlywidth EQUAL TO compassfriendlyheight


There are some special dvars made to control hud-elements for demo/movie purposes.
They will only work in maps loaded with cheats. Don’t forget the “set” prefix to add new dvars in the console.

These include:
promod_movie_hidescorebar // [0-1] (hides the mini-scorebar completely including timer)
promod_centermessage_position // [x+-] (overrides default Y-position of the “You killed…” text)


You can bind them via the in-game menu. (Controls – Multiplayer ControlsÖ)
Alternatively you can manually bind them in the console/config.

bind [KEY] [COMMAND]

openscriptmenu quickpromod silencer //toggles silencer on/off on the primary weapon
openscriptmenu quickpromod grenade //toggles between flash/smoke-grenade
openscriptmenu quickpromod assault
openscriptmenu quickpromod specops
openscriptmenu quickpromod demolitions
openscriptmenu quickpromod sniper


You can bind them via the Shoutcaster main-menu.
Alternatively you can manually bind them in the console/config.

bind [KEY] [COMMAND]

openscriptmenu shoutcast_setup number
openscriptmenu shoutcast_setup assault
openscriptmenu shoutcast_setup specops
openscriptmenu shoutcast_setup demolitions
openscriptmenu shoutcast_setup sniper

Number being 1-10 for players, it’s very easy to understand which player corresponds the correct number.
1-5 symbolizes players on Attacking side from top to bottom looking at the Shoutcaster-bars.
6-10 same goes here, players on Defending side.

If you set the number higher than 10 (11+) you will be able to follow another Shoutcaster.
This requires the Shoutcaster you want to follow was using the player-binds to follow that player.
You will get a confirmation message which Shoutcaster you are following.

Setting a class (lowercase) instead of a number will cycle through players using that class.


In case Promod is throwing an error while playing on custom maps, make sure the IWD-files inside “usermaps/mapname” folder have the same map name in them.
For example map “mp_dahman_b3″ contains a file called “mp_dahman_b3.iwd” and therefore it is not marked as a violation.


The dvar fs_game “mods/promodlive211″ is forced for match-servers and do not rename any files or modify contents of them.
However custom servers with skins etc. must use something else than “mods/promodlive211″ for example “mods/promodlive211_custom”, it’s not restricted and you are free to modify files as well.

Included with Promod is two PunkBuster MD5 configs, “stock_iwd_md5.cfg” and “promod_iwd_md5.cfg” which you can put in the pb-folder on your server, it contains checksums for the stock IWD-files as well as Promod-IWD for use with PunkBuster MD5 facility to prevent custom skins and other forms of cheating and abusing and can be loaded in-game by typing “rcon pb_sv_load stock_iwd_md5.cfg” and “rcon pb_sv_load promod_iwd_md5.cfg”.

In order to be automatically-executed, the list of checks needs to be included into the automatically-executed PunkBuster configuration files on your server (pbsv.cfg or pbsvuser.cfg):

pb_sv_load stock_iwd_md5.cfg
pb_sv_load promod_iwd_md5.cfg // match-server only

In case your server doesn’t have any pbsv.cfg file, go in-game and type: “rcon pb_sv_writecfg”. Depending on if your server is streaming to any third-party anti-cheat site(s) you may or may not already have a pbsvuser.cfg, if you don’t you can just copy all three files included to your server’s PB-folder, or if the file exist add above lines to it.

We STRONGLY encourage use of these MD5-checks! (This goes for leagues as well!)

Due to several game engine exploits, we recommend to specify the rcon-password in the command-line of your server. If this is not possible, rename the server-config to something other than server.cfg, which would make finding rcon password more difficult.

On another note of security, the IWD-file “z_custom_ruleset.iwd” is now running integrity checks if server is running match-mode which means you have to decide whether the server should run “promod_mode custom_public” or not.
If you later want to run match-modes you will have to use the original unmodified “z_custom_ruleset.iwd” supplied in this package. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.