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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 10:56 AM BST

Modern Warfare 3 - ModernAdmin vote kick server tool

Modern Warfare 3 - ModernAdmin vote kick server tool 

ModernAdmin is a Modern Warfare 3 server tool that empowers the PC community. Anyone running the tool will be able to vote kick players ( Server requires to also run the tool ).  ModernAdmin is made by FFNJunior.

Why should I use ModernAdmin?

Have you ever been up against a hacker, team killer, or rude player? This gives you and other players the ability to remove unwanted players from the game.

Have you been banned from a game because of a bad server host with MW3SA? This tool does not allow the host to ban players, only the players can vote kick.

The more players in a game running the tool, the more empowered the community.


12-20-2011 - UPDATED to version 1.0.0

Download latest version of ModernAdmin

How do I use ModernAdmin?


Windows Vista/7 ONLY

You must first download the tool, or alternatively you can always find the latest version at the ModernAdmin Steam group. ModernAdmin Steam Group

Next you will have to port-forward your Admin Port in your router; The default is 3061.

You can find the Admin Port in your ModernAdmin.ini

Each computer in your network running ModernAdmin must have a unique Admin Port forwarded in your router.

Admin Ports must be between 3061 and 3072.

Start ModernAdmin, you can use any web-browser to use it. http://localhost:3060

If you changed the HttpPort in ModernAdmin.ini, change the link accordingly.

Where can I report bugs/request features/ask questions?

You can post in this thread or visit the ModernAdmin Steam group. ModernAdmin Steam Group



This program does none of the listed things VAC bans for.


  • Using an application to modify the game
  • Changing game dll and exe files
  • Mods that contain DLL and EXE files are unsafe
  • Running a memory editor
  • Disabling VAC with 3rd party tools or modifactions to Steam.exe
  • Bypass VAC
  • Using the Paranoia Mod, Half-Life FX Single and Half-Life FX Lost in Black Mesa (contain modified opengl32.dll to enable GFX) The modified opengl32.dll must be deleted or otherwise removed before playing secure games with golden source (HL) engine or you will get banned.
  • Using any downloaded Cheat from any cheatsite for a VAC game. (cheats for non VAC games running while playing a VAC game is likely to get your account banned)