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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:47 PM BST

Modern Warfare 3 FoV Explained

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Sand0kan

Modern Warfare 3 FoV Explaned

A little clarification about why we need a higher Field of View (FoV) for MW3 on the PC. Why the default 65 FoV gives headache to some of us. And why a small extra FoV is not a advantage.   IMO.

Human vision :

The human eyes have a (~)95° FoV, but we can focus only on a (~) 65° cone of vision. Exept the 65° cone of vision, everything else is peripheral vision (It's blurry but we can feel colors, shapes and movements)

Console players :

Console players are sitting far away from their tv. So the TV is exactly in the 65° cone of vision and the game is at 65 FoV. It's great, they can focus their vision on the whole screen and they have the rest of the living room or whatever as peripheral vision.

PC players :

It's not the same, specially for people with widescreen monitor. Pc players are closer to their monitor. The screen surface upon which they can focus is smaller than the size of the entire screen. Proof: if you have a widescreen monitor, you have to move your eyes to correctly click on a shortcut on the top right of your monitor. So when you play COD Modern Warfare 3 you cannot focus your vision on the whole screen. The 65° real cone of vision over which you can focus corresponds to a smaller ingame FoV value. For example with my screen configuration and the default FoV it feel like i'm focusing on a 50 FoV and my peripheral vision is the rest of the 65 default FoV. (My natural cone of "clear vision" of 65° sees a 50 FoV, it's not natural, makes me sick). With a 80 FoV I can correctly focus my eyes on 65° in game FoV.

Conclusion :

- The FoV advantage/Disadvantage is already in the game. If your screen size, desk position, eyes allow you to focus your vision on the whole screen you have an advantage on me. I have to move the mouse to check the 65 FoV area because I can only focus on 50° with the default FoV. Also the game provides different FoV for different aspect ratio. 16/10 and 4/3 users have a lower FoV than console players and 16/9 users (???)

- Yes, in very specific situations, if someone is moving in the extra peripheral vision I have with AgentRev's FoV changer (it's still remain a blurry peripheral vision) i'll probably notice him but i'll have to move my mouse to set him in my "clear cone of vision" to check if he's on my team or not. Very rare case. In general as I focus my vision on the same 65° area of a person who don't get sick (who can focuses his vision on the whole screen and he's fine with the default FoV), I check blind spots as often.

- FoV can be a noticeable advantage when it's set at really high value (120 for example), because you can focus your vision on a portion of your screen which corresponds to a higher FoV than others. At 120 FoV I can focus my vision on 90° in game, others can focus on 65° with a 90 FoV. This why most games have a max value. AgentRev's FoV changer is locked to 90. The advantage you have with this FoV changer is nothing compare to the disadvantage of a locked FoV.

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