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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:47 PM BST

CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer for MP and SP

CoD Modern Warfare 3

09-16-2012 -- FoV Changer UPDATED to v1.9.446.0 !

We proudly present the MW3 Field of View changer made by AgentRev.

The PC version of Modern Warfare 3 has FoV set at 65; same as the standard FoV for console FPS games. For a console player this is not a problem because usually you sit far away from the TV but on the PC, where you are closer to the monitor, it can cause eye strain, headaches and even motion sickness.

Previous CoD titles had an option, in advanced graphics settings, to change the Field of View; but not MW3. And we don't expect this will change in the near future if at all. So to make Modern Warfare 3 more enjoyable, AgentRev coded a little app that permits to set the MW3 FoV to your liking.


FoV Changer    << MW3 MP FoV Changer by AgentRev


Now you're thinking : " What about the Valve Anti-Cheat feature? Are we allowed to make these changes ? "

Like mentioned, we had the option to change the FoV in last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops and this FoV Changer is made in good faith; not to give any unfair advantage over other players but just to solve the problem of the "forgotten" FoV option.

It is difficult to communicate with the MW3 developers about our wishes and so, to be sure, AgentRev included a check-up system in the program so it will warn you if there is a sudden change of mind and they start to ban players for progs like the Widescreen fixer and off course, the FoV changer. It will immediately give you the option to close the FoV changer or continue using it at your own risk.

FoV Changer v1.4.368.6 allowed you to set the FoV from 65 to 90.  Modern Warfare 3 Field of View (FoV) example screens.  

The latest version of the FoV Changer, v1.9.446.0, has an increased FoV limit.

Version Changes:

  • Combined MP and SP into single EXE
  • Increased FoV limit to 100 due to high demand and reports of malware from some "unofficial" versions modded to reach said value; Approval by IW & VAC confirmed by tvdw, aka Xifon
  • Changed in-game FoV increment/decrement via hotkeys from 5 to 1
  • Adjusted reference offsets to game version 1.9.446
  • Fixed bug from v1.8.423.0 which prevented update notifications from being displayed
  • Fixed bug from v1.8.423.0 which prevented all settings except the FoV value from being saved
  • Various minor code optimizations

You find a READ ME in the zip file with further info.

Download the latest MW3 Multi Player & Single Player FoV Changer.


New - Call of Duty: Ghosts also needs a FoV changer.




Our other article about Field of View : Modern Warfare 3 FoV Explained.





Changelog : Version 1.4.368.2 - 1.4.368.3 - 1.4.368.4 - 1.4.368.5 - 1.4.368.5 - 1.4.368.6

  • Fix attempt for some process access and memory errors that have been reported.
  • Added an option to disable hotkeys & buttons to customize hotkeys in response to demands from the left-handed people.
  • Completely rewritten offset research system so that it allows for very accurate results and thus eliminates most related errors.
  • Added better error tracking which will allow further pinpoint errors while reducing the needed quantity of user input.
  • Few bugs fixed because the changers not being able to find the memory value under certain conditions. 


v1.8.423.0 - Fixes some crashes caused by specific .NET 2.0 setups, and the code has also been slightly optimized.