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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:43 PM BST

Are Modern Warfare 2 Player counts dropping ?

CoD Modern Warfare 2

With the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2 only 1 week away... already the amount of PC CoD Modern Warfare 2 players seems to be dropping fast.

It can be that after 4 months, since the Modern Warfare 2 release, there is still a long list of issues.

Quercus1 made next list of ALL MW2 PC issues reported by Players.

IWnet/Bugs - Game/balance related - Feature requests List updated 24-2

IWnet/Bugs :

  • 8 out of 10 games in IWnet is lagging horrible
  • IWnet is infested by cheaters (hackers and glitchers), current implementation of VAC seems unable to stop them
  • The lobby is highly unstable. Kicking party members/players at random while finding a game
  • Host migration doesn't work properly alot of the times for most people.
  • Regarding adding players into a match which is half way through/ less then 1 min on the clock. Is anything in the futue going to be addressed towards this as joining a game to see the game winning kill is not fun/enjoyable (Unorth)
  • Game hangs at loading screen. And eventually gives an unable to connect to host error. (tohskis)
  • Cold blooded glitch,Basically if you have this equipped, when a helicopter 'dies' every bullet that hits it as it is falling out of the sky counts as a kill for the cold blooded challenge, so pretty much you can easily get all 250 kills (shane3x)
  • Bad patch deployment. (dpelchat)
  • Broken glass - While looking though broken glass the smoke effect disappears (Red $nake)
  • Spawn mechanic in this game. too many times you spawn in the middle of enemies or they spawn right behind you but never really with your squad. (dc8472)
  • Match the players based on pings and location and NOT by skill and other irrelevant stuffs (tankjuh)
  • Many Lost connection to steam error. (meofcoursethesecond)

  • On Wasteland, near the helo, by the picket fence, you are able to get outside of the map. From that position you can snipe people coming around from "B". While it isn't a great position I saw a guy there yesterday and he was destroying people. You can kill them with FMJ if you shoot the wall. (ACH_TheGreat)
  • Freeze on the "Waiting for other players" screen. (Kattes)
  • The SPAS-12 FMJ attachment doesn't work like it does for the rest of the shotguns. FMJ Creates a big orange metallic spark against surfaces when you shoot them, the SPAS-12 FMJ does not. (tohskis)
  • Pave-low kills don't count towards EMP kill-streak. (tohskis)
  • Stuns glitching. More exactly he was holding a stun in his hands and shooting at the same time. Not sure how it exactly works and I don't care but could you please fix it? Thanks.(Daymar)
  • While firing a predator and the host leaves at the same time the predator is gone and it doesn't even touch the ground (Daymar)
  • Level ups or perk accomplishments etc.. are gone when host migration fails. (Killtime)
  • Running up stairs still need fixed,.get bumped or stuck mid flight. (Bnice66)
  • Karachi,.,.leave it be,thats not outta the map merely ontop of building,.my thoughts there should be more places/bigger maps anyway,,.Ive gotten there in game ,wasnt easy at all got killed so many times n map was 40 sec till over by time got there. (Bnice66)
  • When having the riot shield equipped, and pointing straight up at the harrier while it is shooting you. The game will crash. (justicecalibur)
  • Invites and join game doesnt work properly all the time (12thmonkey)
  • If someone changes their name and they are hosting the server will pick a new host (12thmonkey)
  • Had several times where stinger missiles fly straight through harriers like the harrier wasnt even there.. one time it took 5 stinger missiles before it actually hit the harrier instead of flying through it like a ghost (12thmonkey)
  • The host is able to reduce the traffic for certain players (causing heavy lags) by using some kind of netlimiter! This is cheating and also undetectable (a very serious problem)! (dax_)
  • I cannot hear other player's microphones, they can hear mine, but I cannot hear theirs.Problem started after a steam update. (hassasin195)

Game/balance related

  • One Man Army perk - removing the ability to change into a class that has that same one man army perk would eliminate the problem with launcher spam I don't think that was intended. (Red $nake)
  • Commando perk - If a person "locks" on to you with a knife you can't shoot him, he goes into this immortal state. And commando makes it quite annoying when bullets past the target on a direct hit. Possible solution would be making a delay when a person "locks" on the target before he's being stabbed for 1 or 2 seconds. (red $nake)
  • Another thing I hate is when you are typing a message at the end of the game—maybe complimenting someone or being a bit pissed off and it gives you about 6 or 7 seconds to type a message (kerven)
  • Akimbo: Akimbo shouldn't be in this game. It's either completely useless, or over-powered. (Sox18)
  • Unlock order of the guns. Powerfull guns first, then the near useless ones (Kerven)
  • Underbarrel shotgun (the one unlocked by 20 grenade launcher kills) seems to have insane range. Much longer than a typical shotgun, longer than 1887s. Is it made on purpose or does it shoot as far as AR? (Shinigami84)
  • Nerf Akimbo G18 (kodial79)
  • Final stand - if you move and shoot at the same time, you'll move but not shoot. I would prefer to stay immobile but be able to shoot my enemy instead of crawling and watching them knife me. Since I move all the time, its pretty hard for me to stop right before I enter final stand mode. (Shinigami84)
  • Snipers need to be a bit more powerful, anti-armor rounds should probably kill in one hit in certain areas (gerdra)
  • Lack of patch release notes (we take great pride in the software being loaded on our PC) (ACH_theGoat)
  • Stop sending those stupid error messages over and over again, I want to play, not clicking on the error messages popups. (tankjuh)
  • Status of DLC at this time? (Unorth)
  • Fal iron sight,Many would say the LSW has the worst iron sights, but at least you can easily see and track moving targets. With the FAL the iron sights are so restrictive you can hardly see what you are shooting at let along trying to shoot moving targets. (shane3x)
  • F2000 red dot sight,It doesn't go out during an EMP. Although sadly enough this one of the F2000's main if only selling points (shane3x)
  • Jumping on Cars from a certain height causes the car to explode and you to die, I'm sure this doesn't happen when you jump on a car from a certain height, although you would get hurt and the car would be damaged so I understand why it's like that. My suggestion would be to damage the car but not cause the health drain to occur unless bullets/explosives etc.. hit it and the player who jumped on it to take some damage (shane3x)
  • EMP will stop a throwing knife dead. weird. (john E Woven)
  • If you fire off a rocket or throw a grenade or a knife while you're dying, it seems to just disappear. With the RPG7, the smoke appears, but the rocket doesn't seem to go anywhere, and there's no explosion (John E Woven)
  • One Man Army: after renewing a kit with OMA my character is walking ... sometimes he walks straight , sometimes hes walking backwards , sometimes hes walking left/right. no buttons are stuck , and no button hit will stop him from walking , just have to wait it out untill he stops moving/walking ! (_genjo_)
  • Nuke boosters - tactical insertion should be removed, it was a nice idea but I think the FFA players and myself are quite annoyed with people boosting for nukes. (Red $nake)
  • The AK's recoil animation lowered (yclui)
  • Allow all sniper rifles to kill in 1 hit with a head shot even silenced regardless (2.5 regional damage multiplier) (yclui)
  • Balance the ACR by increasing reload time and/or reducing rate of fire (yclui)
  • Buff the Attack Heli's gun to the level of the Harrier's cannon (yclui)
  • Add a "Hold F to lock on location" to the Javelin missile, and eliminate the scoped sway (yclui)
  • Move the stealth bomber down to 8-kill streak (the Pave Low is much more capable of getting kills) (yclui)
  • Buff the intervention in comparison to the Barrett (more reserve ammunition and less scope sway) (yclui)
  • 'nerf' final stand, it is ridiculous to people still shooting their LMG's, or any other weapon then a hand gun while they are down, no matter if it is last or final stand handguns only. (meofcoursethesecond)
  • Remove the respawn timer in hardcore TDM - it encourages camping and a slow paced game. (super-king)
  • I'd like to know why there are never any gun sounds from other players. There should be so much rat-tat-tat going on around you but everyone's gun sounds silenced even while they're right in your face. (samwiches)
  • It's really screwed up when you're tangled up close with some person going full auto, and still you might lose them behind you with no idea exactly what side you got killed from until you look at the kill cam. (samwiches)
  • G18 Akimbo makes my frame rate drop 1-10 when its shot. I think its because of rapid fire mode and lots of smoke it makes when it hits anything or is shot. Same thing on all maps - horrible stuttering. (Shinigami84)
  • Single-shot weapons can be shot at machine gun speed. I think there should be a minimum pause between shots, like 0.3 sec.
  • Destroying 120 pieces of equipment seems impossible to do in a short period of time... (Shinigami84)
  • Karachi map. You can get out of the map by jumping a bit (no "elevators" needed), version 1.0.184. Instructions can be found here: . (Shinigami84)
  • Divers (jump+prone, while shooting) are very annoying. I can't shoot and crawl at the same time, but somehow I can shoot while getting down. IMO, changing position to prone should block shooting ability till the character is finished changing position. (Shinigami84)
  • You can shoot chopper gunner with RPG before it reaches the map... why? (Shinigami84)
  • I think the kill streak rewards are overpowered. They don't involve much skill , and the team who suffers from it has pretty much no chance to fight back. I mean most of the time when you look up there are choppers, harriers,airstrikes at the same time? Aren't we suppose to play this game with guns? (ozzmcom)
  • Autobalance on server. Right now if people leave during a match the teams will be uneven. (ie. 7vs3) (Viperius)
  • Ground War- Can we remove the bundling of demolition and tdm in this? (descent303)
  • If you are above your enemy, its very hard to knife him, even if you stand next to him. They can knife you just fine. (Shinigami84)
  • Distance at which objects vanish is a bit too small. On Wasteland I can clearly see snipers in the grass across the map - grass doesn't appear, only the sniper (assault rifle, no scope). On Quarry map there is a place where you can see the roof of the building vanish as you move backwards. Screenshot: (shinigami84)
  • The game shows me error messages from time to time that a normal user can't even understand. (dax_)
  • Most guns need more recoil. But maybe this is too subjective. The guns don't feel right for me. (dax_)
  • Also the submachine guns like (ump and mp5) and pistols are overpowered. Soldiers are wearing protection vests, so how can the ump be more powerful (do more damage) than certain assault rifles? (dax_)
  • Who designed the multiplayer maps? Maps should not encourage campers! (dax_)
  • Weapon balance: Extended magazine attachment gives you 50% larger magazine at the cost of bullets you carry around. Honestly, I expected something like 60+ bullet magazines for assault rifles with 120+ extra bullets. Wait, where did I see this? Round magazines for guns... (Shinigami84)

Feature requests

  • Lobby text chat (genki.sudo)
  • Biggest issue for me is that you dont have any control of which game you enter and what map.(dc8472)
  • Lack of HC gamemodes. i dont play "soft core" and its getting just too boring after a while. (dc8472)
  • Button to vote to change host should the host be terrible and ask why all 11 members of the game is telling him to leave when they have full green bar. (unorth)
  • Ability to kick members who are blatently hacking (unorth)
  • I would also like to see more maps which offer a different variety of gameplay (dc8472)
  • Lean function, please bring it back (kodial79)
  • No Perk SnD Mode. (Tossing)
  • Ability to record a demo and the ability to take screenshots (CoOlBr33zE4876)
  • TDM games to short - I think the TDM games are to short, so when you enter a game of domination only a few players are capturing flags while the others are there just for the kills. Adding a new longer TDM mode would really help. (Red $nake)
  • Hardcore Sabotage. And it should be best 2 out of 3 instead of just 1 match. Hardcore Mosh Pit would be sweet too. (analog_jedi77)
  • I'd like to have SitRep Pro being able to hear Ninja Pro at default (1x) volume. Currently they are definitely imbalanced with Ninja Pro having absolute advantage at all time. (madjerry)
  • Dragunov, it's in SP why not in MP too? It's an all time classic and four sniper rifles are too few. (kodial79)
  • Dogs as Killstreak, it was a great feature in WaW. Or anyhow, dogs in MP, you could have the option of having a dog instead of a primary weapon and with fire, aim and weapon attachment keys, you could give him commands like attack person, attack area (good for attacking anyone in a room without entering yourself; throw in a flash then let in the dog, awesome!), guard area (great for HQ, Sabotage, S&D and CTF). It's not overpowered because the dog can die. (kodial79)
  • Overkill (two primaries instead of a secondary) perk please? Make it pro to be using two pieces of equipment instead of special grenades. (kodial79)
  • Remake some of our favorite maps from CoD4 for MW2 in a future map pack. Crossfire would be nice. (kodial79)
  • First Aid Kit instead of primary? Seriously, modern war games need medics! Here's how I think they should be. Get 2 shots that grant you the effects of Painkiller, 3 if you compine it with Scavenger. You can even revive yourself from Last Stand and Final Stand quicker, could also work on teammates. But here's the catch: Applying the shot, should take as much as planting or defusing a bomb in Sabotage; if you're interrupted during that time by taking damage or cancelling the shot to fire at an enemy, the shot is still wasted! That way, we can avoid people abusing them to become practically immortal. (kodial79)
  • I have a request, can we make the games longer? i.e. Search and Destroy, can we have 4 rounds on each side instead of 3? Ground War, can you increase the win cap a bit? (joeking)
  • Can we please get some maps/content patched in (Bnice66)
  • Game preference- Since we can't have the modifying freedom provided by dedicated servers, Is there a way to implement this through player profiles. I.e if I want to play without killcams, I set that as part of my profile and Iwnet tries to match me with other players who want the same thing. Also if there was a way to maybe not just skip maps in the lobby, but place a vote for a particular map, or playstyle (as in removing the killcams or changing score limit). Dunno how possible this all is though. (descent303)
  • Latency counter- Pretty please bring back a proper counter for this. I'm sick of being told white lies about my connection. I live in Australia so it's terrible more often than not. (descent303)
  • Ability to make screenshots. (dax_)
  • Option to adjust the Frames Per Second. This is currently capped at 90. (dax_)
  • I also want a console to make changes quickly ingame without browsing an additional options menu. Most games provide that feature. (dax_)
  • I'd really like a "accept/decline" button when getting thrown into a game that is already going on. (kattes)