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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:16 AM BST

Pre-ordering PC Modern Warfare 3 Risky ?

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Claire Claws

Activision MW2 CoD: Black Ops MW3

Honest communication has never been possible between Activision/IW/Treyarch and the ones who want to buy or bought their games.

So 2 years after the release of MW2 we get to hear about the dedicated servers that were planned for PC MW2 !

But the firing of West and Zampella was more important at the time. And after this, most of the IW developers decided to resign and leave the Infinity Ward Studio. And so IW couldn't finish what was planned because they lost the "knowledge" how....

Makes you wonder why such a key feature wasn't ready before the release date. Yes, for many PC gamers this is the most important part of the whole game. Plus IWNet was a horror story.

Now, with CoD: Black Ops, it is the same thing. The modtools; WHY wasn't the FULL PC package ready before release? And when you don't have enough employees to get ALL promised features finished in time;

WHY can't there be normal communication about the WHY, WHAT and WHEN ?

They rather have us disappointed and whining about all missing or delayed than getting looked upon by those from the E3 social club just because of some honesty and human shortcomings.

With Battlefield 3 now voted nr.1 of the E3 game-parade; isn't it time to change from the "Old boys network" to the more transparent European way of down to earth honesty and informing your customers?

We aren't interested in the "Kotick aint allowed in E3 EA booth" gaming-news headlines; we just want to know exactly what we're pre-ordering this time. So are dedicated servers and modtools part of the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 ?

And in future, when there are unexpected setbacks; at least tell us WHY, WHAT and WHEN .