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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:33 AM BST

CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer for MP and SP UPDATED !

CoD Modern Warfare 3

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FoV Changer


"OUR" PC Modern Warfare 3 Field of View changer, made by AgentRev, has been updated !

Changelog :  Fixes some crashes caused by specific .NET 2.0 setups, and the code has also been slightly optimized.

You can find the latest v1.8.423.0 version of the MW3 FoV Changer in our Download section.

More news... Infinity Ward has declared the FoV changer as allowed and also VAC-safe !


A few days back a community coordinator for Infinity Ward stated on the Offical Call of Duty forum :

" I'd like to once and for all give Infinity Ward's stance on this subject.. We do not mind if a PC user has the FOV changer mod. We also do not ban anyone that is using the FOV mod. And got confirmation that Valve also doesn't issue bans for FOV changer."


More about Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer you can find here.

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