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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 06:51 AM BST

Keeping a clean Cod2 folder

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Although an offical mod/mapping tool isn't released yet, already all players in CoD2 get, automaticly, dozens of extra files when playing on the various CoD2 servers out there.

All these downloads are going directly into your Cod2 folder and also in the main folder.

But, as we already know from CoD:UO, it can be that recieving all kinds of x.iwd files or x-folders can lead to all kinds problems.

CoD2 Problem update 21 dec 2005:

- Severe lag - It needed a re-install of CoD2 to solve problem
- Shotgun switch in a pistol - It needed a re-install of CoD2 to solve problem

To be sure you are running your CoD2 with a 100% performance check your CoD2 folder on any bogus files regulary.

Click on read more to see the picture-screens of how a clean CoD2 folder looks like.

Cod2 folder