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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:05 AM BST

"Invalid .pk3" or "Unpure Client" messages !!

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If you experienced messages like: "Invalid .pk3" or "Unpure Client" and get kicked from servers when map rotates dont blaim Call of duty or those servers.

But it is YOUR CoD-uo file on YOUR PC that will be FULL with auto-downloaded mods and crappy maps...

Below is a screenshot of the Call of Duty Main & UO folder with the original files after a fresh install of Call of Duty, Call of Duty United Offensive, Patch 1.51 and the CoDUO Official Map Pack .


To avoid potential "Invalid .pk3" or "Unpure Client" errors use this screenshot as a reference to clean out (delete) all "3rd party" (non-Activision files) maps and mods in your Call of Duty game uo-folder.

When you get the errors mentioned above its because they originate from map & mod files that reside in your Call of Duty/Main and Call of Duty/UO folders.

And its from downloading multiple maps and mods when having "Allow Downloads = Yes" in your Multiplayer Options. (This will be especially if you never not un-installed and re-installed Call of Duty after purchasing United Offensive or if you still play on Call of Duty Servers.

Call of Duty United Offensive Servers can upload maps and mods to both your C:Program Files/Call of Duty/Main & C:Program Files/Call of Duty/uo folders. And this can be the cause of the errors mentioned above; when connecting to a server or when the server rotates to a new map at the end of a match. This can be avoided by keeping your game folders clean and monitoring what is being installed to them when connecting to random servers.

Be diligent... Get to know your Call of Duty Main and UO folders and keep them clean.
If you didn't enjoy the gameplay or a map on a particular server locate the files that were downloaded and delete them.

The files & folders shown below are the Call of Duty United Offensive original install files.

( Will be something like - C:Program Files/Call of Duty/uo)

·hunkusage (file)
·localized_english_pakuo00.pk3 (file)
·localized_english_pakuo01.pk3 (file)
·localized_english_pakuo02.pk3 (file)
·pakuo00.pk3 (file)
·pakuo01.pk3 (file)
·pakuo02.pk3 (file)
·pakuo03.pk3 (file)
·pakuo04.pk3 (file)
·pakuo05.pk3 (file)
·pakuo06.pk3 (file)
·pakuo07.pk3 (file)
·uo_cgame_mp_x86.dll (file)
·uo_game_mp_x86.dll (file)
·uo_ui_mp_x86.dll (file)
·uomappack00.pk3 (file)
·version (file)
·uoconfig_mp (file)
·screenshots (folder)

And if your UO gamefolder match the screenshot above you will avoid any potential conflicts and or compatibility issues with any other maps that you may have previously downloaded before playing on any other server.

So remove all junk from your uo-folder and you can join on all servers again without any troubles.