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Saturday, December 20 2014 @ 08:47 PM UTC

Be WARNED because when Fourzerotwo says....

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Vrandas


I did read today's Headlines and Fourzerotwo is back in the spotlights with some great promises for Modern Warfare 3.

As he already twittered :

" Modern Warfare 3's Post-Launch Support a 'Major Focus' for Infinity Ward "


Post-Launch ? Major Focus ? Let me remind you what 402 said during the Pre-Launch of Modern Warfare 2 :

(some quotes from an article about IW's believes, written Don Reisinger )

Back then Fourzerotwo told Develop magazine " Now more than ever, gamers are getting closer to the development process. The average gamer is so much closer to the people who make the games than they ever were before."

But had Infinity Ward really listened to what the gamers wanted ? Had they told the PC gamers that from day 1 in the Modern Warfare 2 development process the Dedicated Server Option was removed and replaced by p2p and IWNet ?



NO ONE bothered to ask the CoD PC Community what their opinion was on removing the dedicated servers and not releasing Mod tools for MW2.

Only 20 days before the release of Modern Warfare 2; Fourzerotwo phoned from Europe (the European Promo tour...) for a web-cast interview with the simpletons called PC Gamers. And still not knowing if was a slip of the tongue or a planned strategy; and with already thousandssss copies of PC MW2 sold, suddenly 402 had the guts to tell that the dedicated servers wouldn't be back up in MW2.

So the story from Don Reisinger contains little truth. Activision still dictates and the "journalists" publish. In reality nothing has changed; a well oiled marketing machine and a young lad telling stories.


Consider yourself warned.

Have a look here. And Twitter us YOUR opinion about the new CoD Logo and WIN a free copy of CoD: Modern Warfare 3 !

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