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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:34 AM BST

Fourzerotwo announced he resigned from Infinty Ward and Activision

Fourzerotwo announced he resigned from Infinity Ward and Activision

Yes, Fourzerotwo just announced that he resigned from his position as Creative Strategist of Call of Duty, as a lead of Infinity Ward, and as an employee of Activision.

Exactly 6 months ago, on September 30th 2011, Treyarch's Community-manager JD_2020 also resigned.

Why ? We don't know and we will never know. But from today Modern Warfare 3 doesn't have an official communicator. Fourzerotwo had almost 400.000 followers on Twitter.  No idea if he and JD_2020 will be replaced or that this type of communication will be cut off...