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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:18 AM BST

Finally the FIRST MW3 DLC for PlayStation 3 Elite Premium subscribers !!!

CoD Elite - Premium

A few days AFTER the Xbox 360 Elite Premium subscribers got their first MW3 DLC, back in January, the PlayStation 3 Elite Premium subscribers were told they had to wait till the end of February.

So most of the PS3 Premium members were angry because they thought that their Call of Duty: Elite Premium membership also meant that they would receive the MW3 DLC on the same day as Xbox 360 Elite Premium subscribers; but this was clearly not the case. Due to an arrangement Activision still has with Microsoft the Xbox gamers are always getting any extra CoD content before any of the other platforms. (The Xbox already received their second DLC !)

But today the first MW3 DLC got released for PS3 Elite Premium subscribers, containing the first  2 new maps.

And when can YOU expect your Modern Warfare 3 DLC ?