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Sunday, August 20 2017 @ 05:03 AM BST

CoD World at War - Multiplayer zombieX mod v1.2

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CoD World at War Mod DOWNLOAD UPDATE - Multiplayer zombieX mod v1.2


Download CoD WaW Mod - zombieX_v1_2

zombieX mod v1.2

Here are some of the changes:

[F] = Fixed
[+] = Added
[C] = Changed / improved

[+] When in third person you now get a crosshair
[+] New quick chat option - HUD on/off
[+] Zombie vision
[+] Able to opt to become an infected zombie - Thanks to Papar for that idea
[+] Zombies can call in hell hounds after killing 3 hunters
[F] Fixed lag with vehicles enabled
[+] Semi auto, bolt-action and sniper weapons damage increased
[+] STG44 and FG42 damage increased
[+] New knife model
[+] New admin command - scr_say - prints a message to players in the centre of the screen
[+] New zombie animations
[+] Damage caused while a zombie now goes towards your XP as well as score
[+] Drinking a soda before the game begins will restore all your health
[+] Betty perk gives more betties
[+] Rifle grenade attachment gives more rifle nades
[+] V.I.P. headicons
[+] All skies are cloudy and red
[+] Prestige 1 zombies get slow health regeneration, prestige 2 and above have faster health regeneration
[+] If a zombie gets first blood, hell hounds are rewarded
[+] Admins can remove their headicon
[+] Admins can become a banana
[+] Now able to have more then 1 first zombie
[+] When a player disconnects it shows how long they've been playing for
[+] Pack-a-punch skins, sounds and FX from Nazi Zombies - PPSH, PTRS41, Panzershrek, Flamethrower, Magnum and Colt
[F] HUD icons no longer stretched when using widescreen resolutions
[F] Various bugs fixed
[+] Various little things added/changed around
[+] More map glitches blocked
And other small things...