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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:01 AM BST

CoD WaW - How to set up an OpenWarfare server

MW3 Dedicated Servers

by jinxter

Open Warfare Server Set-up

I will try to summarize how to set up an OW Mod server with custom maps using a Hosting service.

(for those who have an own, remote controlled, Call of Duty: World at War Windows server there is a different tutorial)

This HowTo is for the settings like used on It is intended for patch 1.2.

information we need 

  • your account number at This is the number you use to log in the members area. It is a number of 6 digits. It is also the name of your root directory. Just check your ftp client. It is the directory just above codww. We will call it your_account_number in this howto
  • the following information from the server information section (member area->home->info)
    • The number of slots. The number of players mentioned is your_slot_number later on.
    • The IP address of your server: your_ip
    • the port number: used as your_port_number later on.
  • the url of your webspace. We will call it www.yourdomain.ow in this howto.

get the latest openwarfare version 

  • go to the download section and get the language version you want to use
  • until version 1.5.0 of OpenWarfare is out you will also need a patch. Just download the corresponding patched mod.ff and exchange it.

(note: This last bit is bit unclear. OpenWarfare needs this new file to work with 1.2 patch. Download needed file.)

preparing the server

  •  upgrade your server to 1.2. Go to member area->home->mods. Push the install button. Be aware that this will put a fresh installation on your server. All former settings are lost!
  • you are not sure whether or not the server was already upgraded? Use your ftp client to check. If there is a file called iw_21.iwd in the folder codww/main then you are already at patch level 1.2

uploading the mod on the gameserver 


uploading the mod on the gameserver 

  • I assume you already customized your config files. See the Wiki for details about the settings. Make sure you have the following included in your server.cfg:
  • if not done already create the following directories on the gameserver:
    • /codww/usermaps
    • /codww/mods
    • /codww/mods/yourmodname
    • /codww/mods/yourmodname/configs
  • put the following files in the directory /codww/mods/yourmodname
    • server.cfg
    • z_openwarfare.iwd
    • mod.ff
  • these ones need to be put in /codww/mods/yourmodname/configs
    • all other configs (*.cfg)
    • leagues.gsc

set the command line startup options 

  • goto member area->home-> config -> CMD Startup Editor
  • enter the following string in the text area

    +set dedicated 2 +set fs_localAppData C:(backslash)games(backslash)put_your_ip_here(backslash)your_account_number(backslash)codww +set net_ip your_ip +set fs_game mods/yourmodname +set net_port your_port_number +set sv_maxclients your_slot_number +set ui_maxclients your_slot_number +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

  • the IP address in the localAppData needs to be written with underscores: 123_456_789_2 (see example below)
  • saving the changes should restart the server and run the OpenWarfare mod!

run custom maps in the rotation 

  • prepare your webspace. I assume you will offer your player a download not from the server but from a dedicated webspace somewhere.
  • if not already done create the following directories on your webspace
    • your_webspace_root/cod5
    • your_webspace_root/cod5/usermaps
    • your_webspace_root/cod5/mods
    • your_webspace_root/cod5/mods/yourmodname
  • put these files in your_webspace_root/cod5/mods/yourmodname
    • z_openwarfare.iwd
    • mod.ff
  • get the custom map
  • in the map download you should find at least the following files:
    • mp_mapname.ff
    • mp_mapname.iwd
    • mp_mapname_load.ff
    • localized_mp_mapname.ff
  • on the webspace
    • create directory your_webspace_root/cod5/usermaps/mp_mapname
    • place the following files here
      • mp_mapname.ff
      • mp_mapname_load.ff
      • localized_mp_mapname.ff
    • the mp_mapname.iwd goes to your_webspace_root/cod5/mods/yourmodname
  • on the gameserver
    • create directory /codww/usermaps/mp_mapname
    • place the following files here
      • mp_mapname.ff
      • mp_mapname_load.ff
      • localized_mp_mapname.ff
    • the mp_mapname.iwd goes to the folder /codww/mods/yourmodname
  • edit your maprotation.cfg and include the new map.
  • restart the server

The example of a startup command when using Hosting Service Screen.  (for own server command-line click here)

  • +set dedicated 2 +set fs_localAppData C:(backslash)games(backslash)123_456_78_90(backslash)123456codww +set net_ip 123.456.78.90 +set fs_game mods/openwarfare +set net_port 28960 +set sv_maxclients 42 +set ui_maxclients 42 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

    Hope that helps a bit and that I didn't miss a point. Maybe this is helpful for other providers too. Otherwise just let me know.  And I will be happy to put something together for Linux (as soon as they release the bins...)

    Thanks to all of you in the forum who helped putting this together with their input!



Download CoD: World at War Mod - OpenWarfare 1.4.0

Newer version released !!!

The above Information can be changed during the next couple of days.  Still some individual errors need fix.(backslash) means it needs a backslash placed on that spot.


Examples of a CoD:World at War Server command lines