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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:13 AM BST

CoD: WaW Map: Zombie Schools Out

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

Call of Duty: World at War Map: Zombie Schools Out by holty007

CoD WaW Zombie

Map Name: schools_out
Map Version: 1.0
Map Author: holty007
Gametypes Supported: Cooperative, Single Player
Screenshots: No screenshots yet
Install: No Readme


You and your squad have recently got home after days of endless fighting at the Der Riese facility when you receive a letter inviting you to a high school reunion. You arrive at the school in hopes of some serious R&R only to be greeted by more waves of flesh eating hungry zombies.

Further investigation reveals that Dr. Maxis and his research assistant have continued on their research and it's up to you and your squad to put things right.

Map unique features:

* Lots of Der Riese style risers!
* Buyable map ending with extra wins (yes this map actually ends but do you have the zombie killing skills to reach it!?)
* Teleport portal locations (for quick escapes and to get around the map faster)
* Tom_Bmx In game music player
* Custom FX
* More puppies to play with (double the Hell Hounds)
* Realistic buyable artillery strike
* Buyable Max Ammo
* Buyable Instant Kill
* Buyable Double Points
* Buyable Auto Turrets
* Custom Textures (dave009)
* Win Pack-a-Punch
* Players can share guns from the random box (after 6 seconds wait time)
* menu

Special Notes:

* This map is very difficult but very fun at the same time!
* There are some objects in the map designed to trick the player
* A special thanks to tom bmx for all his hours of scripting he has done for me

Download nazi_zombie_schools_out_1.0

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