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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:14 AM BST

CoD Zombie Map: River - Todesfluss

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

Mapmaker Aturt made a Cod: World at War zombie map, named Todesfluss.

CoD WaW Map Zombie River - Todesfluss

Map Name: nazi_zombie_river
Map Version: 1.0
Map Author: Aturt
Gametypes Supported:
Cooperative, Single Player

Todesfluss (meaning Death River) is set in Lithuania and features the real castle of Trakai!

The development of the Wunderwaffe, which started in 1940, uncovered a new method of warfare which remained unknown to science. The first prototype, the Wunderwaffe DG-1, was created by a group of German scientists and consisted in an anti-personnel weapon which unleashed a massive electric charge. Two branches of research came out from this: one consisted in the development of a Wunderwaffe DG-2, in order to make it appropriate for military use (the DG-1 had many malfunctions, needed a great source of power and could easily kill the user). The other branch consisted in the research of electronic warfare as a weapon of mass destruction which could, in theory, attack and destroy the human central nervous system. A prototype of the W-DG-2 was made but, with the fall of Nazi Germany, it was never introduced into the army. American, British and URSS secret services consider the W-DG-2 prototype and all the research on MEW (Mass Electronic Wave) officially lost.

Trakai, Lithuania, sometime after the war,
The Third Reich has fallen, but the British and US Secret Services claim that officers from Nazi Germany escaped and somehow got into Soviet-occupied Lithuania to set up a resistance against the URSS and (according to Intelligence) take over Lithuania while most of the Red Army was in Eastern Germany.

You and your team have been sent to the Trakai region (where most of this resistance is supposed to be) to eliminate the remnants of the Nazi Army. With the growing distrust and rivalry between the URSS and the US, this operation was to be carried out without Soviet permission and would never figure in any Intel document. However, when you and your squad mates get to the misty rivers of Lithuania, you find something you didn’t expect…

The CoD Zombie Map River - Todesfluss Video

CoD Maps Download Zombie River-Todesfluss

How to install Zombie maps

This CoD Map features:
- Increased number of zombies.
- Decreased zombie health.
- Changed zombie scoring values.
- Special rounds:
- Health rounds: Zombies with more health, can be slow or normal.
- Boss rounds: Obvious.
- Nightmare: More and faster zombies.
- Juggernaut rounds: Zombies with excessive health and reduced speed.
- Bonus rounds: Slow zombies, minimal health, more power up probability. A break from zombie killing.
- Death rounds: Rounds designed to kill you.
- Other specific rounds.
- Buyable artillery.
- Power lights.
- Improved buyable ammo
- Ray gun, Wunderwaffe and their respective upgraded versions ammo can’t be bought.
- MG 42, PPSH-41 and their respective upgraded versions ammo can be bought for 7500 points.
- Browning and upgraded browning ammo can be bought for 5000 points.
- The rest of weapons’ ammo costs 2000.
- All perk machines.
- Flogger trap.
- More zombie ‘looks’.
- Friendly AI.
- Auto turrets.
- No dog rounds.