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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:39 PM BST

How to create a weapon mod

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How to create a weapon mod.

1) Create a new folder in CoD4/Mods called whatever you want, my example will be: "UberMod"

2) Use WinRar to extract the "Weapons" folder from iw_11.iwd in CoD4/main into my CoD4/Mods/Ubermod folder.

3) Open ModBuilder.exe

4) Selected "UberMod" from the drop down list titled "Mod" in the first tab "CSV Creator"

5) Look through the list on the left (Files) and start moving the things you want to mod to the right (CSV). For example: "UberModweaponsspak47".

6) Click New CSV, leave the setting at 'blank', and type in your mod name, UberMod, in this case.

7) Click the "MOD Builder" tab. Select UberMod from the drop down menu (Mod).

In the two big boxes, you'll get two lists. The list on the left is basically a list of the resources currently in your CSV file. The list on the right is all the files in your MOD folder (CoD4/Mods/UberMod)

Go ahead and check the things you want to mod (weaponsspak47 in this case)

8) Make sure "Build Fast File" and "Build IWD File" are checked.

9) Click Build Mod. At the bottom it will say "Building Fast Files...", so give it some time.

10) Copy your CoD4 shortcut (singleplayer or multiplayer, whichever you modded). Right click it---> Properties. Then add to the target line:[ +set fs_game "mods/UberMod"] (copying only inside the brackets). This is your new shortcut to run your mod.

Now, to actually mod the weapon you want. In this example I'll use the AK47.

1) Go into CoD4ModsUberModweaponssp

2) Open 'ak47' with notepad.

3) Gaze at the strange complicated mess of code. Everything is fairly self-explanatory once you figure out the pattern.

For example: fireTypeFull Auto

Fire type can be "Single Shot", "Full Auto", "2-Round Burst", "3-Round Burst", or "4-Round Burst". Without the quotes. Be sure to type it in exactly.

I changed it to: fireType2-Round Burst

If you're having trouble finding certain lines, use the search function (cntrl+f) then put in "fireType".

So, next we'll change the clipsize.

Original: clipSize30
Mine: clipSize20

Optionally, you can adjust the other ammo stats, such as maxAmmo, dropAmmoMin, dropAmmoMax to fit. IE if I changed the gun instead to have a 300 round clip, but left the 'maxAmmo' attribute as the original, you would only be able to hold 1 clip at a time.


Here the codes for weapon damage:

Base weapon damage, I think enemies have 200 health, since all the one-shot kill weapons are 200 damage.

I can only guess that this means the weapon ranges between 85 and 100, ie 85-100 damage.

This is 'knife' damage. The reason this code is in EVERY weapon, but ALL the same value, is because in the original call of duty games each weapon had a different melee damage, because the melee attack was 'rifle-bash'. So pistol-whipping did less than M1 Garand-whipping.

Not sure on these values, I think it means that at 1024 units, the weapon deals the max damage (100).

And at 2400 meters, it deals the minimum damage (85)

You'll notice that shorter-ranged weapons have smaller values (shotguns, pistols, etc)

How much damage the gun deals to the player from the hands of an enemy. No idea how much health the player has. I think 200, but different difficulty settings may change that (or damage modifiers).

So, I changed it to: damage200minDamage200meleeDamage200maxDamageRange


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