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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:37 PM BST

Call of Duty: World at War - FKMOD

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FK MOD Info - Play Lv 65 as a rookie....

Redirect is NOT working and is right now broken in this game so you have to download the file from the server. This is a tad slow and will take about 2 minutes with the mod.

Also spawn protection is NOT working right now.....

What is working is the following;

You have to play in the game for a couple of minutes and then you get notified of the promotion to 4 star. After that, you're all set.

You get all weapons and perks (except the silencer...not sure on that one) as soon as you first join the server. This process takes a minute and works behind the scenes so you are unaware of it. After you first join the server you will see a message that says you have reached level 65. At that point you can go create a class with anything you want and save them to the profiles. NOTE: The saved classes are shared with the unmodded game so I would STRONGLY encourage you to save and name your loadouts the same for both so you avoid issues.

Once this is done the first time you are good to go from then on, and your loadouts should be fine.

Also in this mod..... all weapons tweaked...aim is deadly, hip is not.... distance is tweaked..... ammo amounts tweaked.....nades are earned from points each round like we had in COD2 meaning you have to get to 50 points to get your frag nade, and 100 points to get your secondary nade.... lots of HUD tweaks to make it like hardcore but leaves the minimap, weapn cache, ammo, and score.... upped the kill streaks to 5,7, and 10 from 3,5, and 7 so arty and dogs take a bit longer to get.... and a couple other minor tweaks.

You can try out the FKMOD (BETA) on IP: