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Sunday, August 20 2017 @ 05:02 AM BST

Call of Duty 4 - OpenWarfare 1.2.0

Call of Duty Mod Download

by t3chn0r

OpenWarfare Project

First I would like to say that we are really happy that more people are joining our effort and helping us with different things in the mod. It's great to have a dedicated team of people openly collaborating with ideas, coding and translations as well as a very active community testing the latest changes and asking for more features.

With this version we fixed a lot of bugs that were present in the previous release but we also implemented new features and expanded existing functionality. One of the major changes was to include the weapon files fixing issues present in the game as well as offer the no gun sway fixes (available as a separate download) as part of our main .IWD file. By being part of the z_openwarfare.iwd file people can play in servers with different setups without getting the error about the IWD file checksum.

OpenWarfare Project Leader

Download OpenWarfare 1.2.0 - English version

Newer version released !!! 

New features (for a complete list of features in the mod please refer to our Wiki):
* Rankings next to the player's name will be hidden if the server is running in unranked mode and virtual ranks are disabled.
* A new option has been added to scr_hud_show_inventory to also show the ammo amount in hardcore.
* Inventory information has been moved to the right side of the screen
* New option to delay the assignment of explosives every time the player spawns or just at the beginning of the round.
* Fixed sprinting bug for players using the P90 or M21 and knifing delay for players using the silenced G3.
* Ability to include the no gun sway fixes directly in the z_openwarfare.iwd.
* Option to control the weapons damage based on distance.
* Ability to disable visual and sound special effects in stock maps. This functionality also seems to work with custom maps but we can't confirm that it works with all of them.
* New bind key to cycle through different options to show FPS/Lagometer. The options are: Nothing shows, show only FPS, show only Lagometer, or show both.
* PowerRank has been extended to also unlock the special attachments and camos.
* Ability to pick up claymores, C4s, and RPGs from fallen soldiers.

The OpenWarfare Project Team

PS: For all the people in sync with the SVN repo the subversion revision level for version 1.2.0 is 772.

PS2: We just finished coding CTF this past weekend and we have a server running with it for people to test it until we release a new version probably at the end of this week. We have used all the map assets that IW had for CTF so it only works with stock maps for now but we are planning to extend it to maps that support Sabotage so it can also be played in custom maps.


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