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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 09:45 PM BST

COD4 Tool - ModernRcon v0.8

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by JD

So I've finally gotten around to releasing ModernRcon v0.8, which introduces the Rcon Limiter !

The Rcon Limiter allows you to build lesser profiles for your clan mates to use, so they don't have full Rcon control over your servers...

Due to the security enhancements I had to make, you are required to install fresh with this version.

So you have to remove all your servers from your list and re-add them, otherwise you will get a tamper detection warning and will not be able to connect.


Version 0.8 Changes:

  • Rcon Limiter tool for granting lesser Rcon access to friends and clan mates.
  • Fixes to PBUCON / Chat tab IP detection.
  • Significant security / encryption re-write, which requires you to FRESH INSTALL. I will reiterate; your old server list will alert you it is detecting tampering if you do not do a fresh install. You have to then remove those servers from your list, and re-add them from scratch. Sorry! but I figured v0.8 was more important than that minor inconvenience.

Download ModernRcon v0.8


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