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Thursday, December 18 2014 @ 01:22 PM UTC

Call of Duty: Black Ops LAN and Multiplayer Questions

Call of Duty Black Ops

by Brent


- Must you be online to play LAN PC Black Ops ?

Answered :

Josh Peckler : Is LAN mode for the pc, get together with friends at a house.? 

pcdev: We’re Not supporting LAN, it’s a steam title internet required

update : For latest development about this look here !


- Does PC CoD: Black Ops use (MW2) matchmaking or (WaW) serverlist ?

Answered :

Josh Peckler : I’ve heard rumors about Matchmaking on the pc, it being included… 

pcdev: ... although it will support some old style listen servers, this is a dedicated server title. its going to have a newly designed server browser, that I think you’re going to love, and also if you don’t feel like browsing you can ask the game to pick the server for you with the click of a button, that’s the extent of anything that someone what some would call matchmaking its just putting them in a server.


- Will server-admins have FULL control or simplified desktop control ?

Answered :

No FTP access. GameServerProvider Desktop remote rcon style

info update:

As far as knows right now, ranked BO servers will be restricted to 18 players, and won't be able to run bigger or smaller.

You should be able to switch server types (ranked/unranked) There most likely won't be one setting or button you can press to switch types. Switching would likely require an entirely new server to be created and the old one removed.

So having an ranked Clan server but using mods sometimes will go like this : 

You have to upload the whole mod everytime you want to play some "promod" with your mates.  Lots of server downtime switching from public to "war" server and vice versa. Same goes for uploading custom maps ( if there ever be maptools for BO).

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