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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:16 AM BST

CoD: Black Ops Downloading and Installing Mod Tools

Call of Duty Mod Tools

Call of Duty: Black Ops downloading and installing of the Modtools. 













You will need a Steam account, installation of Steam and Call of Duty Black Ops.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops - Mod Tools are located under Library > Tools on Steam
Upon installation through Steam, the tools will be placed in your Call of Duty: Black Ops game directory.


Release Log


Initial Release (Beta)  5/31/2011


Launcher is located in the 'bin' folder and is run by Steam whenever you start up the mod tools.
It is a graphical UI application used to launch development tools and build your mods.


First Run


The first time you run the mod tools you will want to run Converter.
Converter takes raw data and converts it into a format read by the game.
You can find the Converter button under the Tools groupbox on the left side of Launcher.


Art Plugins

Plugins are provided for Maya® 2009 so that you can export your own models and animations.
In the Launcher menustrip under Tools, you can find a Maya Plugin Setup button.


This will:
1) Create a Maya.env in C:|Users|[USER_PROFILE]|Documents|maya2009 with apropiate plugin and script pathing
2) Copy the usersetup.mel from <root>binmayatools to C:|Users|[USER_PROFILE]|Documents|maya2009|scripts|
3) Extract either the 32bit or 64bit plugins depending on the application version you're using
Note: You can feel free to do this process manually if you wish.

The next time you run Maya® 2009, you will see the CoD Tools listed in the menustrip.