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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:30 AM BST

Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC BETA Reviews

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I hope everyone is enjoying the BFBC2 PC Beta and Xbox 360 Demo!  I know here at DICE there is much enjoying, but not without collecting a lot of great feedback from the PC Beta.  Now with all this Multiplayer goodness we wanted to give some Singleplayer love for this post.  So far feedback from the Press warrants this love and has been very positive making the team feel very proud of their work.  We're also extremely excited for the first ever Battlefield PC title to contain a proper Singleplayer campaign!  So without further rambling lower in this post is a collection of great write-ups on BFBC2 Singleplayer (and some Multiplayer) from our Press events over January, all are well worth a read or watch. :-)

Battlefield Bad Company Preview