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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 09:45 PM BST

COD4 mod - Agent's Mod 1.1

Call of Duty Mod Download

Here is a great looking mod from a new developer by the name of Agent. He has tweaked plenty of weapon details and even edited the helicopter.

Agent has even imported the M21 model from the single player mission "All Ghilied Up" and silenced it. Check below in the read-me for all the changes and tweaks, and if it sounds interesting enough, then I suggest you try out this mod on your server today.


-pretty much just copy the whole "agentmod" folder into your cod4 mods directory and you
are now ready for chaos and carnage.


  • Implements a rapid rank system which allows the player to gradually receive xp until they reach the rank of lvl 55. when you start the game hold your "tab" key to check your rank as you are lvling. what the mod unlocks is all of your perks ,guns,and the most important of all the "Create a Class".
  • At the moment the mod does not unlock the attachments ,but you can still unlock them the way you do in the regular cod4.
  • You can also complete all of the challenges from regular cod4.

Download AGENT MOD 1.1


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