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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:44 PM BST

Activision's Call of Duty WaW Patch 1.2 and so much more....

Call of Duty World at War

by Claire Claws


Today I thought I was banned from the official Call of Duty: World at War Forum.


I tried to log in but it said there was an unexpected error. Did a few more tries and gave up. Had to be a ban. Could not think of any other reason.

It had to be that post in which I laughed about the sneaky removal of an important sticky post from JD_2020. It was the 'blaiming AMD CPU for all connection errors that were/are in World at War since release'  statement from few weeks back. It seemed to me they wised up and with now (?) knowing the REAL cause, it would be so stupid to keep this sticky statement on the offical forum for all to read.

The last few days our CoD: WAW server is also getting authentication failures and just stops being a WaW server. Seems to me that the connection between the game-server and the WaW Master Servers suffers from some serious time-outs.  I know it isn't our server because the CoD4 server keeps being up and running. I now must restart the WaW server every few hours.

The last few days were also the start of the Christmas holidays. And with not a single word from Treyarch or Activision, some of us were already joking about the hundreds of  Lost my Rank, Can't connect, Can't play Co-Op, Black screen, Blue screen and etc. error posts that would appear on the off. forum on the moment all those x-mas presents would get unwrapped.

The CoD: World at War 1.2 Patch INFO from a 2 weeks back (1.2 patch for CoD: WaW gets released in 2009) didnt make it to become a sticky on this official CoD: World at War forum. Guess they didn't think of this info as something players/buyers love to know about. But they do.

I have read posts from angry fathers complaining why this World at War game, that they bought for their sons, doesnt work like it should do. Treyarch or Activision never answers sucha post. In fact since the day of the release they never tried to explain what is going on. No openess about all the problems behind the screens. I personal think this is a verry unwise decision. Most of the buyers aint those spendaholics any more that they maybe were a few years back. You want that Christmas present to work. If not... you want some answers.

And today it was a Christmas day. The day I thought I was banned. And was I banned ? Nope.

The official CoD: World at War forum don't let people log in. The unexpected error is shown to ALL visitors. 


Tip: Google for answers and fixes.  The same people that answer your questions on that forum ( and have nothing to do with Treyarch or Activision) posted all you need to know on the internet. 

Start with getting the COD5 profile backup tool. because you will lose your rank. And use the CoD5 Tweak Utility 0.2.3 when you get severe lag. Black screen when starting up the game? Just wait for 10 minutes. Game will appear when done loading.